George Edwards aka "Professor Swing"
About SKYPE Drum Lessons!

Though I am now living in Japan, I can teach anyone, anywhere around the world through the internet. By using this tool, I can bring my experience and expertise right to you. I can see and here you just as I would in a "live" lesson. I will use a variety of techniques and resources to help you become a better drummer.

But what is the difference from my online lessons compared to others? Well, it is the approach. I believe in a more traditional way of drum performance, founded on principles taught to me by some of the greatest teachers in drumming history.

What is my method?
As I said, I approach the teaching from a very traditional background going back as far as the middle 19th century and the teachings of Sanford Moeller, Billy Gladstone and G. L. Stone. As I have learned from master teachers Freddy Gruber and Dom Famularo:

TECHNIQUE - hands & feet, using the classical drum texts EXACTLY as the earlier masters taught - George Lawrence Stone "Stick Control" , "Accents & Rebounds", the "free stroke", Joe Morello's "Master Studies", Dom Famularo's "It's Your Move" & "Pedal Control", the Moellor Method , correct use of arms, the whipping motion as taught to Jim Chapin & Dom Famularo, Billy Gladstone finger technique. I teach all 3 grips, German, American, & French, both matched & traditional.  also use Colin Bailey's masterpiece "Bass Drum Control". And of course, the teachings I got from master drum teacher Freddie Gruber, my teacher for 7 years!
FULL DRUM SET, reading, chart interpretation, (how to read music with a band, different from how you study out of a drum text), time keeping, feel, groove, coordination, independance (using Jim Chapin's masterpiece "Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer"), & Ted Reed's "Syncopation", Carmine Appice's "Realistic Rock" (25 different ways, the way Carmine taught me in the 70s),tom tom cross stickings, odd time signatures, basic Latin grooves, funk, double bass drumming as taught to me by Terry Bozzio.  All Styles of Jazz, from 1920s traditional, pre-swing era, swing, to be-bop, & beyond!
RUDIMENTAL & CLASSICAL SNARE DRUMMING - using the texts of Charles Wilcoxon, Anthony Cirone, William Pratt, Jacques Delecluse, & more!!!

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The price is a reasonable $50 per hour (US).

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